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I Already Paid Attention

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July 17, 2014

Dear Readers,

Teachers make the worst students.  Case in point.  I am sitting in yet another district wide teacher meeting, and what am I doing?  That’s right, I’m writing this here blog.  OMG!  My cellphone just rang, and loudly!  Oops, I guess I forgot to put it on vibrate.

So here I am, doing exactly what I would not tolerate from any of my students.  Hypocrite.  However, and this is where I justify my behavior, the current presenter, herself a teacher, sounds exactly like Charlie Brown’s teacher, “Whaa, whaa, whaa, whaa.”  No wonder our students tune us out.

I must assure you dear Readers, I am not the only teacher otherwise distracted.  Let’s see, a very creative individual is drawing abstract art on her paper, breakfast placemat (see picture above); another young lady is…well I’ll be darn she’s taking notes…wait, no, she’s writing a “To Do” list.  Okay, I see several teachers engaged…in reading books.  Certainly these books are completely off topic.  And many of the younger teachers are surreptitiously updating their status on their social networks.  I took care of that earlier and I guess that explains why I forgot to mute my phone, my bad.

Here’s the requisite Pep Talk from our esteemed superintendent.  Huh, not bad so far.  He showed us a slide show of his formative years complete with background music.  I would have given the production a “C+” had it not been for the hideously, embarrassing photo of our illustrious leader with an honest-to-gosh Mullet haircut.  Okay, it just got bumped up to an “A”.  Nope, he insists on talking; back down to a “B”.  I am paying enough attention to catch some of what he is saying, “Blah, blah, blah, I turned 39 this year…”  Ok, back to not paying attention.

But seriously, dear Readers.  What I was hoping to be an educational tool in this morning’s meeting, has turned out to be a “Welcome Back” breakfast.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I mean, those of us that could do without the morning bump and grind, I mean morning meet and greet, have nevertheless been quite productive.  For example, look what I can do.  I just got my writing in for today.  And say, remember the teacher who was busy doodling abstract art?  Well, she just finished.  Check out her finished product at the beginning of this post.  At least the time wasn’t a complete loss.

Ooooooh, gotta go.  I can hear polite applause swelling in the background so all of the presenters must be done.  Good.  I need to work on the rules for my classroom.  You know, like what kind of consequence students should expect if they don’t, oh, I don’t know, PAY ATTENTION.  Peace, ~v.


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