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Outstand(ing) Standout


m v

August 15, 2013

Dear Readers,

There is a scene in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” that mirrors who I am in the world of standouts.  New York lawyer, Vinny Gambini (Joe Pesci) arrives in a small, Alabama town to defend his cousin on a murder rap.  Vinny brings along his girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei).  As they step from their car, we can see how they standout.  Vinny is dressed in a pair of black pants, a black shirt and a black leather jacket.  His hair is slicked back and he has on a pair of dark sunglasses.  Not to be outdone, Mona Lisa has on a white and black mini-dress, big, teased hair and a pair of dark shades, as well.  Vinny admonishes Mona Lisa to tone down her act, so to speak, because they desperately need to fit in.

“Oh, yeah, you blend,” is her sarcastic retort.

Now here is a guy after my own heart, dear Readers.  He wants to fit in, even says he wants to fit in.  But sadly, nothing about him does.  He honestly believes that he, a wise-cracking, New York lawyer, can slip into a rural Alabama town and blend into the population.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Well, this is me.  I want to fit in, even say I want to fit in.  But sadly, very little about me does.

My standing out has nothing to do with my looks and everything to do with my personality.  I’m a little odd, or so I’ve been told.  However, I never realized this until I was an adult, full-grown and out of my sister’s shadow.  My older sister, Mercy and I were thick as thieves growing up.  She is 18 months older, so naturally, she led, I followed.  Mercy is a dazzling, white-hot light in an otherwise dull-gray world.  People are attracted to Mercy for reasons that seem to defy logic.  Me?  I was hardly noticed, and even then, I was Mercy’s sister.

I’m not complaining, dear Readers.  I rather enjoyed my anonymity.  I liked the fact that I could blend in a crowd.  I enjoyed being backstage.  In fact, I got so used to it, that I almost missed the fact that I, too, could shine as bright.  At first, standing out was quite unsettling to me.  Now however, I think it suits me.  Although I try not to draw attention to myself, I don’t mind standing in the spotlight anymore.  I’ve grown used to my “light”, so to speak.

It has taken dozens of years and dozens of therapists, but I think I am finally comfortable with who I am, and that is quite a coup.  I can stand around, stand up, or even stand and deliver.  But one thing’s for certain, I can standout!  Peace, ~v.

This is today’s Daily Prompt:  Standout



3 thoughts on “Outstand(ing) Standout

  1. Some people are leaders and some are followers and some in between. Some become leaders when the occasion arises and some need to learn to listen. We are all types but what is the most important thing is being oneself at all times.


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