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Sole to Soul



Me, at Dhafra Beach, wearing my favorite pair of shoes

August 24, 2013

Dear Readers,

I enjoy writing, and I especially enjoy writing about my adventures in teaching teenagers.  However, some days are quiet simplicity in my classroom, thus, no fodder for my blog.  Thank goodness for the Daily Prompt:  Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they have taken you.

I have traveled far and wide in my almost 50 years, and there has only ever been one truism for me:  Wear comfortable shoes.

All-Purpose Shoes

I wear these functional shoes for a multitude of roles.  However, they get the most wear from my Daughter Vickie and Sister Vickie roles.  Although these shoes are sturdy and dependable most of the time, they are a little big on me.  I find that if I wear these shoes for an extended period of time, they tend to slip off my feet, much to the consternation of my family.  I am mostly comfortable in these shoes.  More so however, when I was younger.  Are these my favorite shoes?  Not quite.  Although, they are the shoes with the most miles.

Style Points:  2 (out of a possible 5)

Comfort Points:  4 (out of a possible 5)

“Jive Ass Slippers”*

These shoes were never the right fit.  These were the shoes I wore when traveling as Wife Vickie.  I wanted these shoes.  Even sought out these shoes.  These shoes looked great sitting on a shelf in society.  And yet, they were horribly uncomfortable on me.  I managed to put them on two maybe three times, and then, only for very short periods of time.

Style Points:  4.5

Comfort:  1

The Classic Pump

These are by far, my most versatile pair of shoes.  These are Teacher Vickie’s shoes.  Wearing these shoes gains me entry into almost every bastion of society.  In fact, these are the shoes that have allowed me to travel the world over.  Like a Visa credit card, while wearing these shoes, I am accepted worldwide.

Style Points:  5

Comfort Points:  4

House Slippers

These are my most comfortable shoes, bar none.  Vickie Mom wears these shoes (out).  Some stops along my journey have looked down their collective noses at my Mom shoes.  No matter, they come in so many styles and colors that I can easily slip into a more socially acceptable pair.  But in the end, they are still just house slippers.

Style Points:  1 to 4 (depending)

Comfort Points:  5

I’ve heard it said that shoes make the man.  Given that, if you want to know the truth about people, look to their soles, or, you can look to their souls.  Either way, you will always find the true measure of a man.  And now dear Readers, I’m going to kick my shoes off and just be.  Peace, ~v.

*”The Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers” – Jazz Great Charles Mingus.  See Biography here.  Listen to music here and here.


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