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Procrastinator, Thy Name is Victoria



December 23, 2013

Dear Readers,

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today,, and I to hang my head in shame.  Several months ago, the authors of this blog, John and Doug, nominated me for an award,  I did not respond.  I’m not going to make up any excuse as to why I never responded to the award, it was simply bad manners.  In the interim, I have been reading the blog, Doug Does Life, and trying not to feel guilty.  Well, the wait is over, I am officially feeling guilty and of course, ashamed and embarrassed.

Yes, I am a procrastinator.  I put things off and put things off and put things off until it is almost unbearable.  I do not know why.  I guess that’s one of the things I neglected to talk about during my hundreds of lifetime hours on my analyst’s couch.  I guess I’ll get around to it, someday.

What has prompted me to finally write about this award is the fact that the authors of Doug Does Life are moving on.  The authors will still blog, however, it will not be the same.  In their 70th blog post,, they discuss their new direction.  I will continue to follow these authors, as I rather enjoy reading their posts.

I do humbly apologize for not responding to this sooner, my fellow bloggers.  I hope it is better late than never.

Thank you Doug and John for the nomination! Although late, I do thank you for the nomination.  This is an honor for me.  Thank you.

Here are the rules as listed on the “The Versatile Blogger Award” blog:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

My nominees:

Manchester Flick Chick, a blog with a mixture of style, cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle.  Anything without cruelty is my kind of blog!

The Wine Wankers, certainly with as many followers as they have, they probably have already received this award.  But, I enjoy reading this blog.

Father Says..., this is a very heartfelt blog.  It is touching, and full of, well, fatherly wisdom.

The Library and Rosie Bear, just a real life look at everyday things.  Enjoyable and refreshing.

Mostly True Ramblings, Conversations with the voices in my head.  Who wouldn’t love a blog by this name!

A Mom’s Blog, by a mom who has been around the world.  Interesting stories from a mom’s point of view, I can relate.

Recovery Ramblings Blog, because recovering from anything makes for excellent writing!

The Clock Tower Sunset, because it’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

The Word Zoo, there are no contests in the art of peace.

Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister

Finding Time to Write

Heron There & Everywhere, although this blog has won this award, I couldn’t help but nominate it!  I love this blog.

Suzie81’s Blog, and this blog I’m sure has won many awards, but this is one of my all-time favorites.  If I read nothing else all day, I read this blog.

Flying On Empty Thoughts, very creative.

Tex Arty Blogs, because we all need to see different sides of a subject.

And now, seven things about me that you may or may not have known:

1.  I can name every teacher I ever had from Kindergarten through 8th grade, and most of them from high school, as well.

2.  My favorite time of day is sunrise.

3.  My favorite age group to teach is 13 – 16.

4.  I never, ever wanted to travel.  Yet, I have been around the world and back.

5.  I have four children (living), and they all live in different parts of the world:  Florida, Arizona, Guam, and Kuwait.

6.  I easily forgive.

7.  I believe that mankind is essentially good.

Thank you for reading, dear Readers.  Here’s to many, many more hours writing!  Cheers!  Peace, ~v.


15 thoughts on “Procrastinator, Thy Name is Victoria

  1. Hi Victoria, I have two awards pending right now, so don’t feel like you’re the only procrastinator. I love the honor, but just haven’t had time to do the work that goes with it. Thanks for inspiring me to get on that.


  2. Thank you so much, I too am a procrastinator I feel your pain.


  3. I have to echo those procrastinator comments. I am forever putting off things for later … then rediscovering them much, much later and often well after the fact. Thank you for the nomination and the kind words.


  4. Thanks very much for this Victoria! I really enjoy your blog. I’ll be back to link up once I “Share” the love with this award! *Happy Holidays*! Hope it’s to share this on my NEW writer blog home?
    God Bless,
    Author Catherine Lyon 🙂 🙂


  5. Wow! My Very First “Blog Award” ~ Via My Friend Victoria…. December 24, 2013 *Thanks much for this award and linking back to your Page! God Bless!
    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂


  6. What a lovely surprise awaiting me as I came back from holidays – thank you very much for the award. Like you, I know the pains of procrastination all too well – with the best of intentions…
    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season and I promise to get back to you and all the lovely people you linked to via this award. Best wishes, Marina Sofia


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  9. Just formally responded to your nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award on my site. Thanks again. Sorry it took so long to acknowledge {hangs head in shame} To read about it, follow the link


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