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Zen and Compatible Habits


I'm happy.

I’m happy.

December 24, 2013Dear Readers,

Even when it seemed that I had nothing to be thankful for this past year, I still gave thanks.  Maybe I’m onto something.  I don’t know about you, but giving thanks for what I have and who I am, always makes me feel better about my life.  Life is much too short.  You should be grateful.

I am grateful.  Subsequently, I am happy.

Perhaps you cannot see my connection between being grateful and being happy.  Recently, I discovered that my state of being grateful, creates my state of being happy.  Everything looks a little brighter, as my endorphins kick in.  Granted, sometimes being grateful is most difficult.  Not only do I hang around ungrateful 13 year-olds all day, I am ignored more times than not by the adults.   And, although some days I can only focus on the negative, I have been trying to make my morning meditation session a habit.  Not only does my morning session get me ready for my day, it gives me a peaceful moment I can draw upon during the hectic days.  That, is how I have turned my mindset to positive and decided to be a happier, more grateful individual.

Peace, ~v.


3 thoughts on “Zen and Compatible Habits

  1. Good plan – especially when dealing with 13-year-old kids. Luckily the almost-teen that taxes my patience is someone I’m grateful for. So it all works out. 🙂 Enjoy your holidays.


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