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2013-12-23 15.54.51

December, 2013

Dear Readers,

As the title states, this is not what I had intended to post today; this is my default post.  I am currently writing about a subject that I feel strongly and passionately about.  I am trying to craft the post so I can succinctly say what I want to say, or rather, write.  In order to do that, I have been journaling like crazy.  And I journal the old-fashioned way, I write longhand.

Now that I have finished my free-writing/journaling, the witching hour is upon me…well, not really, but it is getting late.  I want to do this particular post justice.  Therefore, I will table that one until tomorrow.

However, fear not, dear Readers, I do have something I would like for you to read.  The following is an article written on the webpage, “The Atlantic.”  The article was written by Amanda Machado, a 2010 Brown University graduate and recent Teach for America alum.  I do not intend on telling you anything else about the article, until tomorrow’s post.  Happy reading.

Please enjoy the following signs of the season.  Peace, ~v.

2013-12-19 06.07.262013-12-19 06.07.35

2013-12-19 06.07.48


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