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Holbrook, AZ ~ Looking Back


Me, entering high school.

Me, entering high school.

December 28, 2013

Dear Readers,

Today’s post is a re-blog of a post from February 12, 2013.  This particular post is dedicated to all of my friends from Holbrook, AZ.  I count the friends of mine from Holbrook to be among the best friends I have ever had.  The best thing Facebook ever did for me was to allow me to get back in touch with my friends from Holbrook.  I may not mention you by name, but if you are reading this, and you are from Holbrook, know that I love and appreciate you for being in my life.


One of my readers mentioned the fact that she appreciated that I reference Holbrook in my musings. And I appreciate that she appreciated it! I lived in Holbrook, AZ from 1977 until 1982. Now this is not to take away from all of my other Holbrook friends, but the class of 1982 was the sh**. Just ask any of us, we’ll tell you. We were a tight-knit group. We took first place for our homecoming float four years running. The class of 1980 beat us one year, but they were disqualified for using spray paint 😦 We won in big part because Gene’s parents allowed us to build our float in the Pepsi warehouse where it was safe from vandals! Collecting boxes, building bonfires, going to speech meets, going to wrestling tournaments, meeting at Wanda’s house on the hill, flubbing my lines because J.D. showed me a picture of a naked man while we were on stage, skinny dipping in Dennis’ pool. I could go on.

Most of us are approaching 50, the half-century mark. I don’t see old, I see beautiful. I see us in our youth, yearning to break free and make our marks on the world. And it’s not just the class of 1982 that I remember and love, it’s the whole bunch of you; I love you all. You are my heart, the place where I hold my most treasured memories. Even if don’t mention you by name, know that I know you and I wish you the best. Whatever else you have been in your life, you have been a great and lasting influence in my life.
Hail to our school so fair
Hail Alma Mater
Thy red and blue and white will ever proudly fly.
For thy name and for thy fame
Our love will never fail, To Thee old Holbrook High All Hail, all hail. Peace, ~v.


4 thoughts on “Holbrook, AZ ~ Looking Back

  1. I love this post! I miss my high school class too 🙂 I guess I’ll need to arrange a reunion!!!


  2. Hi Victoria. I remember you from good ol’ Happy Holbrook. My daughter is also going into education and is just starting out on her journey. I’m so happy to share your blogs with her. You’re very inspiring and from reading your blogs a very dedicated educator and teacher. Congratulations and continued success.


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