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View from my desk.

View from my desk.

January 13, 2014

Dear Readers,

Today I was interviewed by National Public Radio host, Michel Martin.  Ms. Martin is host of the show “Tell Me More”. The show, “Tell Me More” is alive and well in the digital age and has been “featured in live Twitter chats about education that brought together tens of thousands of participants across the country.”  Now that is the kind of program I can appreciate.  Read more about the show here.

As for my interview, Ms. Martin recently interviewed writer Amanda Machado regarding an article Ms. Machado wrote entitled “Why Teachers of Color Quit”.  Having read Machado’s article, I wrote a rebuttal, “Why Teachers of Color Don’t Quit”.  It only seemed to follow that Ms. Martin interview me as well, since I did have an opposing viewpoint.

The interview went well, I was able to speak my piece, and it will be broadcast nationally.  How cool is that?  Ok, back to serious writer.  The interview will air tomorrow.  Here is where you can listen on-line.

I will write more of a follow-up on tomorrow’s post, dear Readers.  For today, I had other thoughts.  I posted the following comment on a site that is dear to my heart but I’d like to share.

I have experienced discrimination on several levels: a woman, a Latina, a poor person. It sucked (sorry, but no other words say the same with the same vehemence).  However, it wasn’t until I taught overseas that I realized, in my case, that my American privilege far outweighed the prejudice I have suffered at home. I figured I had a choice, stay  overseas and enjoy privilege as both an American AND a teacher, or come home and face the inequity. Well, I’m home and I am having a difficult time grasping onto anything concrete to counter what is happening in education, today.

I have been fighting the good fight, tilting at windmills, if you will, most of my life. I am ready for things to change!   I don’t expect society to change anytime soon with regard to my gender or my race, but as an educator, I deserve respect! I am a professional. I guarantee that I and most educators know better than any rich businessman what is best for our students. And we are smart enough to realize what works in Tampa may not work in Tempe.

Let me teach!  Barring that, I’m afraid I am going to have to reassess how I can best serve my community. I want to teach!  Barring that, I am going to have to reassess how I can best get our message out to the masses.

In this day of educational uncertainty, I am willing to stand up and fight for what I value and believe in. I am proud of what we, collectively, are doing and I hope we can all continue evolving to meet the needs of ourselves, our students, and our communities.  Peace, ~v.


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