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A teacher's search for inner peace.

Amrah Bint 11S



May 27, 2014

Dear Readers,

I respected and loved the students in each of the three classes I taught at Amrah Bint.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed my 11S class.  I parallel my 11S class to a softball team I belonged to when I was 15.  We went undefeated through an entire season, including tournament play.  Individually, we were good players; collectively, we were much, much more. The students in 11S were wonderful individuals; collectively, they were much, much more.

Etizaz, Rawan, Omnia, Leen, Azza, Hiba, Zainab, Maram, Maysum, Kenza, Mariam, Danah, Aseel

Etizaz – strong, very much her own person;
Rawan – very animated, the actress of the group;
Omnia- loved soccer and the only one to ever beat me at the “ABC” game;
Leen – the unaware beauty, unsure of her looks but sure of her smarts;
Azza – straightforward leader, no muss, no fuss, type ‘a’ in a good way;
Hiba – the quiet one, she was a good second to Azza’s leader;
Zainab – the historian, the creative writer, the storyteller;
Maram – unsure of herself, vulnerable; Maysum – unsure of herself, false
bravado (queen of the universe);
Kenza – the rebel, willing to stand for justice;
Mariam – traditionalist, voice of reason;
Danah – humanitarian, wants to change the world;
Aseel – represents beauty and all things ladylike;

These lovely young ladies graduate high school this year. Whatever their future (university, humanitarian, wife, mother) they are destined to change this world for the better.

I will remember them always, they live in my heart. For one, brief, shining moment, I was their teacher. It was an honor.

السلام والمحبة. تغيير العالم.
Insha’ ‘Allah
(my apologies for any misspellings)
Peace, ~v.


4 thoughts on “Amrah Bint 11S

  1. I’m envious of your ability to be able to work with amazing children! It takes one heck of a person to be a teacher thats for sure! I’m happy that you enjoyed this experience!!! Great post ma’am.


  2. Vicky, once again you have shown the world how touched so many lives through your relentless courage and inspiration. You have definitely made a lasting impression to all people you have encountered. You have never been my teacher yet you have taught me as well. The world needs more educators like you.;)


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