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July 4th, 2014

Dear Readers,

This is not going to be your typical Independence Day post.  I mean, I’m patriotic and all, but I believe it is time for some of us to balance our constitutional freedoms with what we formerly knew as our civic duties.  More specifically, along with our right to free speech, comes a responsibility  to our country, our communities, our children, and ourselves.

I recently saw the following rant posted on a friend’s timeline:

“Grades are getting low, the teens are getting high.  That 12 year old is pregnant and her parents wonder why.  A 1st grader is swearing. a 3rd grader has been raped.  Just take a look around you, isn’t the system great?  Who isn’t faded these days, kids are getting beaten, the teachers see the bruises.  No calls for help are spoken, teens are smoking weed, young girls are cutting, this isn’t what we need.  The marks of taunt and yelling, parents are divorced.  That 14 year old is drinking beer, this can’t get any worse.  A little girl has killed herself, nobody seems to care.  Another kid has been expelled for a stupid dare.  But it needs to change.  Our world is officially broken.  It’s time to take a stand; your thoughts need to be spoken.”

Well, this guy had me all the way up until the last line, “It’s time to take a stand; your thoughts need to be spoken.”  No, no, no; enough talk, we need action!  I am so disheartened that so many people are willing to exercise their right to free speech and rant and rave about what is wrong with our country.  However, very few people take the time to get off their Facebook soapbox and DO something about it.

Along with rights come responsibilities.  Many of us are quick to point out the problems, but not everybody is eager to fulfill obligations. We have become a nation obsessed with rights, forgetful of responsibilities.  I’d like to see us improve.  As for the above rant, here was my response:

Their grades are low, that’s true, so I choose to stay after school..and tutor. The teens are getting high because most adults in their lives let it slip by…underage drinking, pictures of pot, I message them privately, I’m disappointed in the lot, even tho the parents, they are not. That 12 year old is pregnant, and she, herself wonders why. I tell her even tho her friends call themselves bitches and hoes as a joke, there is such a thing as self fulfilled prophecy, try beautiful and smart and young ladies instead, that is the mantra I keep ringing in her head. A 1st grader is swearing, he does it to shock; he enjoys the attention at school and around the block. I shake my head sadly, he says, “What’s the matter?” I tell him I will ignore all of his unintelligent chatter. A 3rd grader has been raped, I don’t know what to say. But I won’t point a finger at the system, because the rapist wants it that way. Who isn’t faded these days, teens are sending nudie pics, they are only emulating their role models in Montana and the one who is Thick. Yes, kids are getting beaten and yes we see the bruises. YES our calls for help are spoken, but didn’t you just say that the system it is broken? Smoking weed and cutting? Here’s the action that I take: Debate the cons of smoking and refer to the website, Yes, I agree things need to change, but it’s not the world that’s broken. You believe it’s time to take a stand, but only your words are spoken. You can tell me all day long what is wrong, but talk is cheap and for the birds. Because when it comes down to it, Mr. So and so, MY actions speak louder than words.

Actions speak louder than words, dear Readers.  Actions speak louder than words.  Peace, ~v.



3 thoughts on “Action!

  1. Reblogged this on Mykul Mitch and commented:
    Officially my favorite blogpost I have see!


  2. Wow! What a blogpost! Your message is so strong and direct. I’m pretty amazed by how well written this is. Although to told me I am an inspiration… I am to inspire and be inspired – by someone like you so thank you!
    -Mykul Mitch


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