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Not A Hippie


July 6, 2015

Dear Readers,

Today I am hopeful (insert emoji here). I am hopeful because this young man is an example of our future. I enjoyed reading a particular blog this past weekend and I thought I would share. This blog, Mykul Mitch, is written by a young man from Milford, New Hampshire. His tagline is what caught my eye, “Empathy Deserves A Comeback”. This blog was either going to be really lame, or really worth my time.

I dig the concept of empathy. Our ability to not only understand, but to share the feelings of others is definitely an attribute of peace. Peace? For it. And I’m pretty sure dude, I’ll call him Milford, who writes this blog is for it, as well. I mean, he read the Dalai Lama and thought it was cool (see here).  Milford is inspired by the almost ordinary (see Inspired In A Minute).  He wants to make a difference; he writes about regret, self-confidence, negativity, and basketball.  What’s not to like?  And then, I read one of his posts that has had me chuckling for the past two days.  In fact, it was the catalyst for my post today, dear Readers.

Someone asked Milford is he was a hippie (see the post here).  He was appalled!  Of course he is not a “(move cross country to find my purpose)” individual.  He laughed, “How anyone could think I am a hippie is beyond me.”  Let’s see, Milford is a believer in the free-spirit attitude (If it works for you)”, he questions authority because he admits that he “can’t just take the opinions and perspectives from older people and regurgitate them out in my own words.”, nope, not a hippie…well, maybe hippy-ish.  Milford also writes things like, “We are all wrapped up in “getting ours.” Too busy to understand that others are in need.” and ” Pay attention everyone. If you don’t, the amazing people in this world will be overshadowed and under appreciated by men and women of power.” Hippie, right?  I mean, I should know…

I am a believer in the free-spirit attitude as well.  Also, I believe that we should all question authority.  I think men and women of power under appreciate too many people and yes, plenty of people are too busy to understand that other are in need.  This is what I thought made me, and Milford, subsequently, a hippie.  Turns out I’m wrong.

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines hippie as ” a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living) and advocates a nonviolent ethic; broadly :  a long-haired unconventionally dressed young person.”  Say what?  Really?  That’s the definition?  Hmmm, I thought “hippie” was more of an ideal, more of a concept, than a stereotypical individual.  Guess not.

Well dear Readers, and Milford, I guess the laugh is on me.  I thought you and me, Milford, I thought we were hippies.  I mistakenly believed that it was our attributes of peace and kindness that characterized us as hippies..  Sadly, I am wrong.  However, I am still hopeful (insert emoji here).  I have faith if there is one Milford out there, there is another and another.  I feel hopeful that our future is in good hands.  Check out the blog Mykul Mitch, it will inspire you, hippie or not.  So, I’m not a hippie, hmm…Wait!  What about my peace sign tattoo?  Peace, ~v.


5 thoughts on “Not A Hippie

  1. Reblogged this on Mykul Mitch and commented:
    Thank you very much Victoria! I really do appreciate it. If being a hippie puts me in the same category as you, I am completely okay with it. Maybe I need to embrace the word hippie, even though the definition isn’t what I thought. 🙂


    • What I found the most amusing is that when I was your age, people would often ask me if I was a hippie, and my reaction was the same as yours!
      As I mentioned to you before, I would never presume to label individuals as this or that. We each define ourselves and I am who I am.
      Keep up the good work, please!


  2. You are the best! I’ll begin embracing my life as a hippie inspired kind of guy! 🙂


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