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The Curious Misadventures of El Mariachi and the Elite 8


El Mariachi

El Mariach, aka El Ching@n




El Mariachi's Vieja

El Mariachi’s Vieja








July 20, 2014

Dear Readers,

It recently dawned on me that I have never told you my stories of the infamous superhero El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, and his loyal group of followers, turned proteges, turned superheroes themselves.  El Mariachi and his faithful wife, Vieja, spent a decade recruiting eight of the best and the brightest young people to pass onto them their values and a hope for the future.  They spent the next 38 years grooming the Elite 8 to become superheroes in their own right, so that future generations would, themselves want to emulate  and continue the traditions that El Mariachi and his Veija began.

The Elite 8

The Elite 8

Although the youngest and the last to be recruited, Boy is probably the closest to a mirror image of El Mariachi.  It also took Boy the longest to agree to join the Elite 8, and agree to follow El Mariachi’s Code of Conduct to pass on to the next generation the keys to a successful superhero.  A plumber by day, Boy dons his traje, or his superhero uniform, by night and brings joy through the awesome power of his mariachi music.  Boy is well-read, intelligent, and funny with a bit of sarcasm thrown in for good measure.  He even has his own Vieja and together they have recruited two of tomorrow’s leaders.  El Mariaci, aka El Ching@n, is very proud of Boy and lessons he has learned.

Rock is the second to youngest of the superheroes and the youngest girl.  Ahhh, but do not let the fact that she is a girl fool you.  Of the Elite 8, Rock has the most physical stamina and determination.  Rock takes after El Mariachi in personality.  She is tough but fair.  She has high personal standards and a solid work ethic.  She is also a quite a scrapper, though you’d never know to look at her.  Her petite frame and lean body mass have led more than one unsuspecting character to pick a fight with her; she’s never lost a match.  Warrior by day, Superhero instructor by night.  Rock and her equally challenging and tough partner are grooming three specially hand-picked young ladies to follow in the family business.  El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, is very proud of Rock and the lessons she has learned.

Mr. Johnson-Brown is the third to youngest.  He shares El Mariachi’s love of music and has just as eclectic a taste for musical genres.  He is a civilian “office manager” (wink, wink) and world traveler working with a military instillation by day and a community leader and activist by night.  A born performer, Mr. Johnson-Brown has led many a band.  When he sings, it is his voice that brings a tear to the eyes of El Mariachi’s widow, Vieja.  His love of music and  his love for all of the instruments he has mastered is only rivaled by the love he has for his partner, who is a nurse by day, caretaker by night.  She and Mr. Johnson-Brown recruited three young people to train, two of which have graduated onto solo work.  El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, is very proud of Mr. Johnson-Brown and the lessons he has learned.

Although trained and schooled in the art of the superhero business, Clipster has been the only one to pull away from the group, although never while El Mariachi was alive.  Clipster is a college educated man with probably the most ambition of the Elite 8.  He, along with his equally ambitious partner and their three recruits, have been elusive, or difficult to track down.  However, news trickles in from El Mariachi’s widow, who assures the rest of the Elite 8 that Clipster is keeping with tradition.  College businessman by day, Clipster continues to educate his recruits insofar as becoming a superhero is concerned.  El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, is very proud of Clipster and the lessons he has learned.

And then there is Tony.  Tony is the most charismatic male of the Elite 8.  He is a man’s man.  However, is also the biggest baby of the bunch (LoL).  Tony is the go-to guy.  If anyone of the Elite 8 need something taken care of, they turn to Tony.  They turn to him because  Tony always, “Knows a guy.”  Tony is the kind of guy who easily racks up favors, but never through coercion, but rather, through his charm.  Tony is not one to be told what to do, except maybe by his partner, who is the only one who can keep him in line.  Tony, a blue-collar worker by day, and by night, he his no-nonsense partner, train their 4 recruits for the legacy with which they will be handed in a few years time.  El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, is very proud of Tony and the lessons he has learned.

Bingo is the oldest male and marches to the beat of his own drummer.  Bingo followed in El Mariachi’s footsteps as far as his day job goes but is truly his own man.  Bingo is not a mirror image of El Mariachi, but rather his parallel.  Bingo has a love of music and musical instrumentation that in itself, is its own reward.  He is a peacemaker and a humorist.  Bingo has such a sophisticated and keen dry wit that one either admires his humor or abhors it.  Plumber by day, peaceful superhero by night, Bingo, along with is equally witty partner, guide their remaining three future superheroes to follow in their footsteps.  Bingo and his partner have already turned the reins of El Mariachi’s legacy over their three oldest recruits.  El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, is very proud of Bingo and the lessons he has learned.

Luskie is the second to oldest recruit and the second to oldest girl.  Although always  a fan of El Mariachi’s superhero, legacy to be of service to future generations, she is one of the least content being in such close proximity to the outside world.  She is a loner by nature.  However, her nurturing, motherly side draws young people towards her, so much so, that she is one of the few of the Elite 8 that is privileged enough to see the fruits of her superhero persona.  Luskie has already trained and educated four superhero recruits in El Mariachi’s legacy.  All four have been given Luskie’s blessing to begin recruiting future superheroes of their own to train; three of the four have already started.  El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, is very proud of Luskie and the lessons she has learned.

The eldest of the Elite 8 is Moosie.  Although a bit of a rebel in her youth, she always had an energy emanating from her soul that attracted people from all walks of life into her circle.  One of Moosie’s greatest strengths is her willingness to help others, something she shares with El Mariachi.  She also shares a love of performing with El Mariachi.  People are often drawn to Moosie for reasons even they cannot explain.  However, Moosie, just as El Mariachi taught her, uses her gifts to help, not harm those that are drawn to her flame.  Moosie and her former and her current partner, have sent two recruits into the world to begin passing onto the next generation the values and hopes for the future that El Mariachi passed onto his 8 recruits, the Elite 8.  El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, is very proud of Moosie and the lessons she has learned..

El Mariachi passed on some 13 years ago, give or take a few months.  However, he has left his legacy to his Veija and the Elite 8 Superheroes.  The world needs more of these superheroes.  These are the superheroes who will usher in new recruits to spread hope for the future, and to see that our values do not become immersed in the muck and the mire we so often see in not only today’s young people, but grown men and women, as well.  We need more superheroes.  We need more superheroes like the Elite 8 and El Mariachi and his Veija:  average, hard-working, God-loving and honest, family men and women who just want to continue the legacy their dad handed down to them.  After all, El Mariachi, aka El Ching@n, was one of the great ones.  Peace, ~v.


9 thoughts on “The Curious Misadventures of El Mariachi and the Elite 8

  1. I love this Vckie!!


  2. Dear Vickie ( Luskie) your blog today was beautiful Iam not at all surprised because all of your writings are wonderful. This was so heartfelt , thank you . So proud of you as always. Dad is looking down on you for sure. He was always proud of you also. All my love Mom


    • I am so glad you liked it. I was hesitant to write it but i am glad i did. I love you, Mom and I am so proud of you and Dad and all of my siblings. I love you all so much that sometimes it takes my breath away. Love Luskie


  3. Very, very touching and quite appropriate Vickie! Although when seen through someone else’s eyes it’s hard to read about oneself. You captured the essence of each individual and how El Ching@n y Vieja influenced each “superhero”- I love it! Xoxoxo


    • Thank you so very much, Rocky. I was hoping that I could capture each individual’s superpower as seen through the eyes of love, because that is how I felt for each of my siblings as I wrote about them. I picked out the character traits of each sibling that I most admired. Since becoming adults, i have especially wanted to earn your respect. Although not always successful, yours are the standards with which I measure myself. Just as with El Ching@n, when I have earned your respect, I know I will have EARNED your respect. I love you,


  4. Reblogged this on My [redacted] Journey and commented:

    May 6, 2016
    Dear Readers,
    I originally posted this two years ago. I am reposting in honor of my dad and this, the 15th anniversary of his passing. My dad, the greatest man I ever knew. Peace, ~v.


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