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Fat and Phat

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Fat or Phat?

Fat or Phat?

August 29, 2014

Dear Readers,

Although I have already posted my letter “F” in the A to Z Challenge, I began with the following post.  I thought it unwise to just get rid of it…so here is a little post for the letter “F”.

Although some women might find wearing an abaya restrictive, I found it quite the opposite. I have never been a clothes-horse. Nay, not me. Deciding which blouse to wear with which skirt has always caused me much consternation. Too frilly, too flirty, too frumpy, too….ahh forget it! Who’s got time? And why is it that when I do decide what I’m going to wear, I’m too worn out?

And riddle me this: Why is it that on some days I feel fat in what yesterday made me feel “hot”? Or why on some days do I feel “phat” in what yesterday made me feel like a hot mess? So knowing what I was going to wear everyday gave me time in the morning to work on my writing.  There was only one problem, tell me, does this abaya make my butt look big? Peace, ~v.


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